Athletic Metric Testing

Players  are provided with an understanding of how they compare against their  fellow athletes through direct comparisons to athletes of the same  graduation year, sport, or position.

Athletic Metric Testing ensures that every athlete is aware of the performance standards for youth, high school, and collegiate levels.


Strengths and Weaknesses

How their physical abilities impact their approach and command of their position.

Position Profiling

There are specific physical ability requirements for every level of the game. Are they developing to meet the criteria?


Identify  how you stack up against the competition through comparative analysis  of athletes in the same graduation year, sport, or position.


Player Development Process

Through  years of experience at the professional and collegiate levels, we are  able to offers a refined and accurate approach to developing athletes of  all skill levels.

Windows of Trainability

There  are ideal times within an athletes development process to establish  specific skills which are excellent for training and performance, giving  the athletes the building blocks of a fully developed athlete.


Instilling  proper fundamentals at an early point in their development can be  crucial in determining ones ability excel at their current and future  levels of their sport.


Set Goals

Define the manners by which they need to improve both physically and fundamentally.

Acheive Their Goals

Create a plan to improve and see definitive results that outline your progress.

Maximize Your Level

Athletes  will become the best version of themselves at their current level,  while giving themselves the best chance possible to excel at the next  level.


Truth is...

For  every sport one fact remains true, as you move to the higher levels you  will face bigger, faster, or stronger competition. Few are able to  identify where they stand in regards to the millions of kids that  participate in their sport. Our baseline tests are used to assess  athletes of all sports, with a few additional test added according to  the sport. By comparing an athletes’ results to those of his peers, both  locally and nationally, they will have a better understanding of where  they are in their development.

We  know Athletic Metric Testing will become a motivating factor for those  who dream of becoming a scholar athlete at the collegiate level. By  means of certified trainers with a keen focus on accuracy, we are able  to ensure that all of the test are consistent and valid. Our  standardized tests and protocols are carried out at all of our TRS  Metric Performance Testing events.

Our Goal

To  help athletes identify their areas of weaknesses during their  development and increase their awareness of what their future  competition looks like. High School athletes can now provide their  prospecting colleges with accurate, valid, and easily accessible metrics  to display their abilities. For the young athletes they will be able to  display their individual progress throughout the years, ultimately  painting a clearer picture of the athletes make up.